FOA: Entanglement Management and Control In Transparent Optical Quantum Network

The DOE Office of Science program in Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) announces its interest in entanglement management and control in transparent optical quantum communications networks. Recently, tremendous progress has been made in understanding how quantum information with its complex characterization can be geographically distributed to achieve extraordinary capabilities that are impossible using classical optical telecommunication networks. This process involves quantum entanglement, a complex and valuable but perishable resource in which the transmitted quantum information is encoded. Although the transmission of an entanglement state over a dedicated single-hop channel has been successfully demonstrated, the distribution of a large number (several thousand) of entangled states in multi-hop and multiuser mesh-topology quantum networks remains an open challenge.

The focus of this FOA is on entanglement traffic engineering – the scalable management and control of a large pool of quantum entangled states carried over multi-hop multi-user optical quantum networks. To read more click here.