NASA SCaN Quantum Faculty Fellowship Opportunities

NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) program office seeks to enhance faculty professional knowledge and leadership experience by offering two 10-week summer fellowship opportunities for educators who are interested in collaborating with world-class scientists and engineers in the areas of quantum communications and networks and quantum information science (QIS). The program is designed to enable faculty members to broaden their professional outlook towards quantum applications and STEM outreach of interest to NASA’s Quantum Science and Technology (QS&T) program.

The fellowship seeks to expand QIS workforce development, a mission of vital importance to both the National Quantum Initiative (NQI) and NASA SCaN. As part of the program, selected faculty fellows will collaborate with staff at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC on QIS programs plans and formulation. Eligible candidates will have current appointments with universities, colleges, or high schools in the United States.

The goals of this fellowship are to stimulate the exchange of ideas between faculty and NASA staff; enrich research and teaching at academic institutions; infuse quantum mission-related research and technology content into classroom teaching; and contribute to research, technology and engineering work of importance to SCaN/QS&T.

The application deadline is April 4, 2022. More information about the fellowship is available at