DOD announces Request for Solutions for the Microelectronics Commons

(December 2, 2022) The Request for Solutions for the Microelectronics Commons (project 22-16 ) is now available. The Microelectronics Commons is a CHIPS and Science Act-funded national network for onshore, microelectronics hardware prototyping, lab-to-fab transition of semiconductor technologies and semiconductor workforce training. In particular, prototyping capabilities for six technology areas, which include quantum technologies, that are important to the Department of Defense (DoD) will be supported with seed projects in order to partially offset prototyping facility operating costs and to give these facilities experience in supporting outside users. For quantum technologies, the desired end-state is a commercial foundry-like access with fast turn-around times. End goals of this request for solutions include access to these fabrication facilities, which are amenable to developing process design kits for a variety of leading qubit types and support technologies, for DoD supported university/academic based collaborators as well as support the U.S. commercial quantum technology industry need, with the ability to include those that are experts in fields external to quantum information science.

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