Department of Energy Announces $15 Million in Exploratory Research for Extreme-Scale Science

(September 19, 2022) Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $15 million in funding for basic research to explore potentially high-impact approaches in scientific computing and extreme-scale science. The projects will address disruptive technology changes from emerging trends in high-end computing, massive datasets, artificial intelligence, and increasingly heterogeneous architectures such as neuromorphic and quantum computing systems. The titles of the quantum computing projects are:

  • Novel Quantum Algorithms from Fast Classical Transforms
  • Mathematical Methods for Quantum Subspace Diagonalization Algorithms
  • Fermionic Quantum Computation: Algorithms and Approximations
  • Power of Quantum Witnesses
  • A Rational Krylov Approach for Novel Quantum Algorithms
  • Quantum Algorithms for Solving Partial Differential Equations in Engineering Sciences
  • Quantum Machine Learning for Quantum Sensing
  • QFI-Opt: Problem-Aware Optimization in NISQ-Era Hardware for a Metrological Advantage
  • Quantum Information Encoding and Decoding for Quantum Sensing
  • Quantum Computational Sensing and Edge Coherent Data Processing
  • Zero Noise Extrapolation for Quantum Sensing

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