A Coordinated Approach to Quantum Networking Research

The NSTC Subcommittee on QIS, with input from its interagency working group on quantum networking, released A Coordinated Approach to Quantum Networking Research in January 2021. This strategy document offers recommendations that build upon A Strategic Vision for America’s Quantum Networks.

Given the prospects of quantum networking to impact the Nation’s economy, security, and innovation ecosystem, the United States must continue to invest in basic research to explore and exploit quantum networks while properly balancing investment decisions. Discovering and developing use cases is essential to maintaining leadership in this emerging area. Research to develop quantum networking components and testbeds will also benefit quantum information science and engineering broadly.

Recognizing the growing number of significant and sustained efforts on quantum networking research, the following technical and programmatic recommendations (TR and PR) identify actions Federal agencies can take together to advance the Nation’s knowledge base and readiness to utilize quantum networks:

  • TR 1: Continue Research on Use Cases for Quantum Networks
  • TR 2: Prioritize Cross-Beneficial Core Components for Quantum Networks
  • TR 3: Improve Classical Capabilities to Support Quantum Networks
  • TR 4: Leverage “Right-Sized” Quantum Networking Testbeds
  • PR 1: Increase Interagency Coordination on Quantum Networking R&D
  • PR 2: Establish Timetables for Quantum Networking R&D Infrastructure
  • PR 3: Facilitate International Cooperation on Quantum Networking R&D

A coordinated approach to quantum networking research that leverages the unique strengths of several Federal agencies will accelerate the science and engineering necessary to develop useful quantum network components and applications. As the complexity and scale of quantum network prototypes evolve, coordination is essential to establish the knowledge needed to explore quantum networking technologies and derive otherwise unattainable benefits.

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Report URL: https://www.quantum.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/A-Coordinated-Approach-to-Quantum-Networking.pdf