World Quantum Day is an international, community-driven event on April 14 to spark interest and generate enthusiasm for quantum mechanics.  Whether you are new to quantum concepts, a teacher looking for educational materials, or a professional wanting to get more involved, there are resources for you!

The National Quantum Coordination Office, part of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, is excited to participate in World Quantum Day, along with agencies across the Federal government.

Why Quantum, Why Now?

Quantum mechanics is the science of atoms and particles–the building blocks of the world. Using quantum mechanics, scientist and engineers have created revolutionary technologies that impact our everyday lives. For example, the semiconductor chips in our smartphones and computers operate in part using quantum mechanics. LASERS, LED lights, and LED monitors were developed based on our understanding of quantum mechanics. The Global Position System (GPS) that helps us navigate the world relies on the quantum mechanics of ultra-precise atomic clocks.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners in hospitals use quantum mechanics. Future technologies such as quantum computers, quantum sensors, and quantum communication devices may offer new and disruptive applications as well. You are invited to be a part of the quantum revolution!

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Below are some ideas for how you can participate in World Quantum Day on April 14, 2023.

Students & Teachers

  • Learn about quantum by exploring the Resources Section.
  • Teach a short lesson on quantum science by signing up for QuanTime. The activities are designed for K-12 and are a fun way to introduce middle and high school students to quantum information science.
  • Have a quantum scientist (virtually) visit your classroom by signing up at
  • Take a field trip to visit a quantum laboratory by signing up at
  • Participate in an international event; visit for a list.
  • Browse #WorldQuantumDay to see what the community is doing.
  • Share how you’re celebrating using #WorldQuantumDay.

Quantum Scientists, Universities, Companies, and Laboratories

  • Virtually visit a K-12 classroom by signing up at
  • Host a K-12 class for a private in-person lab tour by signing up at
  • Host public lab tours by signing up at and advertising your tours at
  • Contribute a quantum activity that K-12 students can complete in a single class period at QuanTime.
  • Post about your quantum story, your quantum research, or your quantum organization using #WorldQuantumDay.
  • Issue a press release highlighting some of the quantum research, or the people doing quantum research, at your organization.
  • Post quantum-themed content on your home page or create a special banner or doodle.
  • Share information about careers in quantum.
  • Encourage your colleagues to engage in World Quantum Day.

Journalists, Science Communicators, and Content Creators

  • Learn about quantum by exploring the Resources Section.
  • Highlight quantum content that you have already produced.
  • Create new content about quantum science or quantum scientists and their diverse careers. Consider avoiding language like “spooky” and “weird” and instead focus on how students can connect and learn about quantum.
  • Make a playlist for learning quantum.
  • Share quantum content on social media using #WorldQuantumDay.

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Here are some resources to learn about quantum, which you are free to share for #WorldQuantumDay.


This is Quantum

This is Quantum is a marquee video made by the National Q-12 Education Partnership for World Quantum Day 2022, but is timeless and can be shared again for 2023 and beyond. It features the Former Acting Science Advisor to the President Francis Collins and Deputy NASA Administrator Pamela Melroy.

Video Shorts

World Quantum Day Social Media Page

Several Federal agencies created video shorts for World Quantum Day 2022, and they can be reshared for 2023. The shorts feature real quantum scientists answering the following questions:

  • “Explain what you do in quantum.”
  • “What excites you about quantum?”
  • “How does quantum show up in your everyday life outside of work?”

New Videos for 2023

Additional videos for World Quantum Day 2023 are under production. Stay tuned!

Posters and Factsheets

Planck’s Constant Poster

April 14th was chosen for World Quantum Day because of Planck’s constant, a very important number in quantum mechanics. For World Quantum Day 2023, NIST created an poster about Planck’s constant, which you are free to print. For World Quantum Day 2022, NIST created a four-image infographic about Planck’s constant for sharing on social media.

Printable 18″x24″ Poster

Separate Images (for Social Media)

National Quantum Initiative Factsheet

The NQCO and NSF, with input from other agencies, created a factsheet about the National Quantum Initiative, which is a whole-of-government approach to ensuring American leadership in quantum information science. This factsheet was originally created in celebration of World Quantum Day 2022, but it can be shared again for 2023 and beyond.

Graphics, Backgrounds, and Images

World Quantum Day 2023 Graphics

Public domain graphics in a variety of sizes are available here.

Background Images


Background images, sized at 1920×1080 pixels, can be used for video conferencing are available here.

Quantum Image Gallery


A gallery of quantum images, curated by Federal agencies, is available here.

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World Quantum Day 2022

For an overview of 2022 activities, please see this blog post.

Free graphics for World Quantum Day 2022 are available below:

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