Quantum Technology Track at NSF Convergence Accelerator

(May 27, 2022) The National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator Expo 2022 will be held on July 27-28, 2022. Expo 2022 is a virtual exhibition of novel solutions across six convergence research topics addressing national-scale societal challenges, and one of the convergence topics is quantum technology. During the event, you will have the opportunity to connect with NSF-funded Convergence Accelerator research teams, including viewing live presentations and solution demos. You may also network with other researchers, innovators, and business and technical practitioners from academia, industry, government, nonprofit, and other communities of practice.

Expo 2022 highlights the NSF Convergence Accelerator’s portfolio in an exhibition format, similar to a big science fair. In addition to a general session, attendees will choose which track topics and team booths to visit. Again, quantum technologies is one of the tracks. Launched in 2019, the NSF Convergence Accelerator builds upon basic research and discovery to accelerate solutions toward societal impact. Registration is FREE.

Additional details on Expo 2022 can be found at: https://nsf-ca-expo2022.vfairs.com/